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Quality assurance measures

1 main casting materials, physical and chemical indicators have reached the national standard GB regulations.
2 valve manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing strictly in accordance with national and industry JB, ZB, GB HG, SH, YB, SD standards.
3 product design and development, production, installation and service quality assurance system according to ISO9001 standards to control.
4 of all products have attached instructions for use and product qualification certificate.
5 product cleanliness and determination method and delivery requirements in JB/7748-95 and JB/T7928-99 standards.
6 for the user, to provide customers a variety of technical consulting and various physical and chemical testing.

After sale service commitment

1 this product since the delivery date of the warranty period of twelve months. In the product warranty period due to quality problems caused by damage or normal work, the company responsible for the repair or replacement, And provide relevant warranty maintenance knowledge. Information or questions which appeared in the process of using the company's products

2 users, please timely feedback to the company, so that we can tackle, and improving. In

3 the company provides good after sale service, customers questions will be in 6 hours to give the answer or solution

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